Top 7 Things to Know Before Buying Your CBD Vape Kit

There’s a lot to love about vaping cannabidiol (CBD). We know, for instance, that it’s the fastest way to experience the effects of this unique cannabis compound. This makes it perfect for those that seek help for ongoing issues with pain, inflammation, and sleep disorders. 

And while we may not know everything about CBD just yet, recent evidence hints that this unique cannabinoid has a bright future. That means buying into technology, like vaporizers, that promote the benefits the compound is a smart decision.

But buying a vape can be a daunting experience. The market teems with products and choosing the right device can often seem impossible. To help you choose the best vape for your lifestyle, we’ve created the top 7 things you must know before buying your CBD vape.

1. It’s Definitely Healthier Than Smoking 

We all know that smoking damages your lungs and affects other parts of your body. And when you research vaping, you’ll discover plenty of articles that discuss the supposed dangers of vaping. 

We can’t claim that vaping doesn’t have any side effects, especially since there’s isn’t much research out there on the high-heat processes of vaping glycerine. But all evidence points to the fact that smoking is much worse. 

So if you’re planning on switching to CBD vapes to curb your smoking habit, know that you’re making the right decision. 


2. CBD Won’t Get You High 

Because of CBD’s close relationship to cannabis and THC, many customers interested in vaping CBD have asked if it’ll induce psychotropic effects. 

The answer is no—you’ll feel zero difference in your everyday consciousness while vaping CBD. Think of CBD like a healthful supplement, or coffee. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t directly target the receptors of your endocannabinoid system. Instead, CBD signals your body to yield more of its own naturally occurring anandamide. 

Research has found that a boost to your anandamides reduces stress, improves sleep, and a strengthens your immune system. That’s why people weening off addictive chemicals, like nicotine, have opted for CBD vapes as a cessation boon. 

3. Go with Re-Usable Vape Tanks 

Look, we know that convenience reigns in the age of Netflix, auto-correct, and salty yet tasteless instant ramen. But don’t let this torpid thinking reach its sloth-like hands into your vape purchase. 

Trust us—you want a re-usable vape. You want to buy a cartridge or POD system, like CBD-Chief, that allows you to switch e-juices based on your mood, or mix them up to invent new flavors. 

Cleaning a cartridge or POD requires less time than it takes to switch from one dull show to the other, like The Following to The Night Shift. Plus, the less garbage we toss out means the less junk that ends up in the abyssal Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


4. Keep Up On Vape Maintenance 

Customers rave about our portable vapes systems’ low maintenance. But notice how we don’t say they’re maintenance-free. 

Truthfully, no technology can claim to be maintenance-free. Even a flat-screen tv, a slate of glass and plastic that sits on a wall, must be wiped down from time to time or everyone will look like they’re three shades darker.

Our vape products require little cleaning, but you should wipe them down and clean the cartridges every week. It’s an easy habit to foster, and if you begin when you first buy the vape, you’re more than likely to keep it up. 

Our CBD POD vape cartridges disassemble within seconds, and with a little warm water and soap, you’ll be ready to produce relaxing, thick clouds. And remember, the same goes with our pen vape cartridges, too.

5. Be Considerate of Your Surroundings 

If you quit smoking, or better yet, never took it up in the first place, learning where you can and can’t vape will take a little time. We believe the best rule of thumb is to only smoke outdoors. 

That being said, many malls and retail outlets have no specific rules for vaping indoors. Many will cite their smoking restrictions the same way they would for vaping. That includes vaping near restaurants and playgrounds. 

Since where you can vape remains vague, we suggest asking before you vape anywhere you can’t see blue sky. This has nothing to do with CBD vaping in particular, since no one can tell what you’re vaping, and CBD doesn’t have any distinctive smell or second-hand effects. 

6. Shop Around for the Best E-Juice 

While CBD-Chief offers well-built vape products at a competitive price, we don’t sell any CBD liquid or E-Juice. We leave that up to you and your unique tastes. That means you must venture out into the Internet and find your own. Our advice? Take your time! 

For every fantastic online e-juice, you’ll discover a surfeit of sub-par products. Don’t buy into wild claims and overt chicanery—read the ingredients. A commendable vape juice purveyor will supply you with a list of what’s in the bottle. The really good ones will also offer a clear designation of how much CBD they provide per ounce of fluid. 

We believe one of the biggest benefits to vaping CBD, versus ingesting oils or edibles, is the satisfaction gained from vaping without the cost of excess calories or wasted time. 

Not only do you feel the effects of vaping faster than oils, but you’ll also enjoy delectable flavors without added sugars which spike your insulin levels. 


7. Cartridge Pens Vs. Pod Vape Systems 

Back in the early days of high-end vape rigs, the true connoisseurs purchased a big, clunky vape for their home and portable device to use on the road. Today, technology has reached the point where you don’t have to buy a home vaporizer. The amount of power our sleek portable pen vape outputs is more than enough for even the thickest CBD e-juice. 

Most portable systems fall into two types: cartridge and pod. No matter which you choose, you’re product will be travel-friendly and simple to use. Drawing vapor from either type requires little effort—same goes with refilling a cartridge or pod. 

While both can deliver great performance, they have some differences. If you’re switching from smoking, a pen can simulate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Our pod vapes, on the other hand, have a stronger battery and produce a thicker vapor than our pens. Plus, storing extra pods requires less real estate in your bag or purse than cartridges. 

For the ultimate CBD experience, be sure to check out our CBD Starter Kit. It supplies everything you need prior to enjoying the smooth vapors of a CBD, vaporizing both thin and thick e-juice. 

We hope this explainer has simplified your decision. If you need any assistance, remember that we’re here to help. We’re quick to respond to emails, offering advice and suggestions to make your decision easy—contact us any time!

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