The Benefits of a Refillable CBD Vape Pen

In the wide-world of CBD vaping, industry leader’s are slow to heed the call for reliable and refillable vape pens. Major corporations require their users to buy entirely new cartridges for a refill, which drains your wallet rapidly. Only a few companies are stepping up to the plate to satisfy the CBD community around the world with refillable vape pens.

Why a Refillable CBD Vape Pen is Necessary

It goes without saying that having the ability to refill your vape pen with your preferred medicine is paramount to an excellent experience. It’s incredibly inconvenient to the have to buy a new cartridge the moment you run out. 

When you purchase new cartridges, you’re not only paying for the new CBD oil, but also for the pen. Countless individuals experience this inconvenience daily, which is why a refillable option is necessary. User experience is the driving force for any company, and it only seems logical to offer clients a reliable and refillable vape pen.

These refillable vape pens can be viewed as customizable because you can place virtually any liquid inside the chamber- not just CBD. This option opens an entirely new horizon, unleashing your inner-creativity to mix and match various flavors for the best taste. 

When vaping a non-refillable vape pen, you’re tied down to the specific strain until the cartridge is finished. This lack of choice is unfair to customers, but luckily customer-oriented vape companies are beginning to produce refillable vape pens.

Refillable Vape Pens Reduce Waste

Do you wonder how much waste is accumulated by disposable vape pens? Not only is it a massive amount, but disposable vape pens consist of many components that are difficult to recycle; thus making them an environmental hazard.

Refillable vape pens are the eco-alternative to disposable vape pens. Since each cartridge can last what will feel like an eternity, these are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious vaper. 

Compatible With Multiple CBD Products

Possibly the most significant aspect of refillable vape pens is compatibility with multiple products. Not all CBD products are equal because some are more viscous than others. CBD is known to come in various forms, from wax to a honey-like oil.

Before refillable vape pens, users were forced to buy multiple products to vape their preferred CBD concentrate. This massive inconvenience has led only a handful of forward-thinking companies into the direction of refillable vape pens.

The Difference Between Refillable Vape Pens

With various companies now selling refillable vape pens, it’s necessary to determine the significant differences that make or break these products.

The best feature of a refillable vape pen is one with a large refill chamber. Nothing is more ideal than having a wide-open space to place your CBD concentrate. A vast chamber allows you to not have to worry about spilling your expensive, and often times, sticky CBD. 

With a large chamber, the loading and cleaning process becomes a breeze. No one likes to fumble with their vape equipment, especially when out in public or on the go. 

The worst types of refillable vape pens are products with small refill holes. These tend to require specialized tools, such as syringe-like devices. These devices are only capable of pushing in oil-like substances, and won’t allow you to utilize thicker CBD oils or waxes. By limiting your options, refillable vape pens with small holes are un-ideal and problematic. 

The Benefits of a Portable Vape Pen

There’s nothing like owning a discreet and ultra-portable refillable vape pen. These vape pens are ideal for adventurers and weekend warriors because their sleek design is capable of sliding into your pocket or bag without effort. 

The vape market is full of large handheld or desktop vaporizers, and these bulky products are a hassle to bring outside of the house. Many handheld vaporizers won’t fit properly in your pocket without making an awkward bulge, and desktop vaporizers necessitate a significant amount of power from an outlet.

Technological strides in the vaping industry have enabled companies to create ultra-portable vaporizers with less effort. This means that portable vaporizers are becoming more efficient in terms of their temperature capabilities and overall battery life. These small devices now boast USB-charging capabilities and batteries that last multiple vape sessions.

Why More Users Are Switching to Refillable Vape Pens

More vape-enthusiasts are beginning to transition to refillable vape pens because they are tired of having to pay additional money unnecessarily. The inconvenience has struck a chord with the vaping community, and their voice is finally being heard. CBD users within the vaping community can rejoice that they’ll have more options when it comes to refilling their vape pen.

The Search For The Best Refillable Vape Pen

As with any industry, finding the best product is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Company after company has begun to jump on the bandwagon of refillable vape pens. So far, we’ve narrowed down the best refillable vape pen to CBD Chief. CBD Chief specializes in refillable CBD vape pens, and their product is second to none. 

CBD Chief’s vape pens boast an optimal array of features, from a large loading chamber to its long battery life. From the moment you inhale the velvety vapor filled with terpenes, you’ll realize you hit the jackpot. CBD Chief's vaporizers allow you to blow massive cloud after massive cloud, never slowing down and always ready when you are. If you’re looking for your first refillable CBD vape pen, or you’ve been let down by other companies, then look no further than CBD Chief.

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