How to Choose the Best CBD Vape for Your Needs

So you’ve made it this far. After researching CBD and discovering its stack of benefits, you’re thinking about buying a CBD vape. But one big question still stands in your way—which CBD vape matches your needs?


There’re a lot of options online and in stores, from all-in-one kits to complex systems comprising piecemeal atomizers, mouthpieces, and other parts. That’s because vape technology has gone through a ton of changes in the last five years. Today’s vape market seems to have as many vape kits as it has vape enthusiasts.


With CBD vapes, your options remain just as complex, if not more so. One thing is for certain, vaping CBD is a smart choice. Since it’s one of the most optimal forms of consuming this helpful cannabinoid, you’ll feel its effects almost instantly.


We think the best CBD vape should offer just the right amount of customization to satisfy the curious entry-level consumer and the learned vape veteran. I mean, who isn’t looking for a CBD product that has your interests in mind?


Below, we provide you with a slew of vape options based on what you’re looking for in a CBD vape. After this article, you’ll not only know what product to buy but why it's the best choice for you. 

What to Consider Before Buying a CBD Vape


Before we dive into specific CBD vape recommendations, let’s take a moment to break down the essential components that go into every vape purchase.



Temperature Control


The last thing you want is burnt CBD juice. And because most CBD juices burn at high temps, hotter coils aren’t necessarily better. You want to find a vape that sports customizable temperature controls but doesn’t heat beyond 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Those futuristic-looking rigs that the dudes down at the vape store suck on, they’re best for nicotine-based juices.



Hand Feel and Size


The perfect sized vape depends on your lifestyle and vaping habits, so take a few minutes and cogitate on when you vape cannabidiol. Do you like to vape before bed to subdue those restless thoughts? Or do you mainly require CBD throughout the day to damper the stresses of your high-strung office culture? Also note that at home, your vape size is less a factor than on the go.



Battery Life


A vape’s battery isn’t just its engine, it’s literally the entire device. That’s why when we refer to a vape, we call it a vape battery. That means your choice of battery is intrinsically tied to your vape. But depending on your needs, the battery you end up buying may or may not require your attention. But a general rule to follow is this: The smaller the vape device, the less amount of energy the vape can store.




Customization vs Ready-to-Go


Anxiety aid, pain relief, smoking cessation — you can seek out CBD for many reasons, but make sure to check how customizable the vape is before buying. While some people like multiple temperature settings and high maintenance, others would rather a device they can turn on, vape, and forget about. You’ll be more satisfied with a vape that fits your character.

Our Top CBD Recommendations Based on Need


To stir up your excitement, we’ve broken down CBD  vaporizers into four primary categories. By reading this list, you'll be able to whittle down your choices to the essentials, then at your leisure, make the final decision.


For the Complete CBD Beginner


Look, we all start somewhere. The biggest hurdle towards knowledge is that first step, or in our case, first puff. When you’re just getting into CBD vaping, we think it’s important to purchase a product that not only works as advertised today and tomorrow.


The CBD-Chief Vape Starter Kit utilizes the newest vape technology and houses it in an easy to use and compact package. With a beefy 500mAh battery, you’ll be able to vape thick, CBD-rich oils regardless of the viscosity. And because this vape opts for pods instead of cartridges, you gain the benefit of leak-proof re-filling and swapping.


The vape starter kit also works with pods sold by CBD vape liquid suppliers, so you can imbibe on the latest flavors without spending the extra money on their overpriced pods and batteries. 


For the Ex-Smoker


Anyone who’s tried to quit smoking knows cravings can appear suddenly and unexpectedly, and you need a boon that can act just as fast. That way, you can beat your bad habit, one smoke break at a time.


We believe one of the best uses of a CBD vape is for smoking cessation. Although we only have preliminary studies to back our claims, there’s hope that vaping cannabidiol eases nicotine cravings, which stave off your need for a cigarette just long enough to quit.


But to use CBD vapes for smoking cessation, you need the experience to feel like a cigarette. That means the vape you buy should fit in your pocket for quick access, and when you use it, it must pull like a cigarette.


That’s why this CBD Vape Pen V1, with its 400mAh battery specifically designed for Mouth-to-Lung draws, should suit you just fine. And with three voltage options to choose from, you’ll feel like your smoking cigarettes no matter what CBD juice you buy.


For the Canna-Curious

We get it, you’re a cannabinoid veteran. You hitched your equanimity to hemp back before the CBD boom, so you’ve tried everything: gummies, oils, and vapes. Turns out, you love them all.


So when you shop for a CBD vape, you’re looking for something that can twist onto your newest 510 CBD cartridge without fussing with adapters or uncalibrated heat settings.

From what we can tell, you’re the inspiration behind this best-seller, the Vape Pen Battery V2.


It’s a sleek, unassuming CBD device that screws into any 510 CBD e-juice cartridge. And with a 380 mAH battery sporting three voltages, 3.6v-2.7v, you’ll enjoy your favorite CBD vape without a midday recharge. Looking to purchase your own e-juices next? Then add some custom-made 510 thread cartridges to your order. 

discover the ideal cbd vape kit for you.jpg

Discover the Ideal CBD Vape Kit for You


It’s a big world out there, and while CBD vapes can help you find your way through the stresses of modern life, buying one can quickly devolve into a nightmare. Hopefully, our explainer has brought you closer to enjoying the calming effects of vaping CBD.


We know that no matter where you’re coming from, one roadblock towards your purchase is the cost. That’s why we offer our products at affordable prices. Sometimes, all you need is a battery. While others may choose for something more complete, like the CBD Vape Starter Kit.


But whatever you choose, remember that our products are easy to clean and easy to use. We manufacture vapes and vape accessories with high-quality plastics, metals, glass, and ceramic. Low prices shouldn’t mean shirking satisfaction and safety. That’s why our vape batteries come with automatic off-switches so they won’t overheat—even if you forget about them, they don’t forget about you.


Last, we believe in our products so much that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping. It doesn’t matter why you want to try a CBD vape, where it’s easing your nicotine cravings or sampling the gamut of CBD e-juice flavors. With our years of experience in vape manufacturing, you won’t find a more well-rounded product than CBD-Chief

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