CBD Intake Methods & Benefits

A decade back, CBD and its health benefits were just a myth for many. Increasingly, people have started using CBD for its health benefits, and awareness about CBD has increased a lot. To a large extent, the last two Farm bills have cleared the air about the legal implications on CBD possession, cultivation, and usage. 

CBD is widely used in treating chronic pain and mental disorders. Equally, it helps in maintaining a better mental and bodily health of the pets. Importantly, determining the right dosage remains the key parameter when it comes to CBD consumption. 

Astonishingly, many brands have launched several CBD products for the benefit of CBD users. Some of those products are produced for oral usage, and some others can be applied to the body for skin care. Likewise, CBD can be used in several forms and methods. Each method can offer you distinct benefits and advantages.

Below are a few CBD Intake Methods and its Benefits

CBD Direct Intake

Quantifying the actual amount of CBD remains very important if the consumption is for medical benefits. CBD crystalline powder is the best option for direct intakes. Altogether, CBD crystalline is the purest extraction that contains 99 99% CBD in it. Hence, quantifying f CBD intake becomes very easy and accurate. Thus, CBD crystalline becomes the apt choice for medicinal purposes.

Furthermore, CBD crystalline can be directly taken by keeping it under the tongue and let it melt. That way, it becomes convenient to consume CBD at any time and anywhere. 

On top, it is proved to be the best way to attain instant relief from anxiety. Moreover, the direct intake method offers the quickest impact. It allows you to remain calm and keep the stress and depression away in all the times.

CBD tincture is another option for direct intakes. CBD tinctures are fundamentally a liquid form of CBD which is prepared using many other ingredients. Vegetable glycerin, ethanol, alcohol, and butane. A small amount of cannabis plant is dissolved in the said ingredients to manufacture tinctures. 

In addition, flavorings are also added to make the tincture an excellent option for children. Tinctures come with many flavors like choco, vanilla, fruit, candy, and so on.

Cooking Using CBD Oil

CBD oil is another great product that can be added to your preferred foods. CBD oil is manufactured by dissolving CBD crystals into the essential oils. Relatively, the amount of CBD is lesser in CBD oils when compared with CBD crystals which are a raw source. 

However, unlike CBD crystals CBD oils can be included to your favorite food. Merely use CBD oil as a replacement for the essential oils in your kitchen. While you want to fry veggies, fry eggs, preparing your favorite salads, or any other foods that you like. 

Precisely, you can use CBD oil for cooking right from the chicken to literally anything that can be cooked using essential oils. As we speak, CBD oil is being used by many people in their everyday cooking. On top, cooking using CBD oil help in maintaining a healthful life without disturbing your food habit. 

CBD Vaping

Another rising trend in CBD industry is CBD vaping. Benefits of CBD vaping is comparably larger than vaping e-liquids or weed. Traditionally, weed vaping was the most liked recreation by the vaping community. People tend to prefer weed and its byproducts over e-liquids. Recently, CBD vape juices from numerous brands hogging the limelight in the market. 

CBD vaping is harmless and it offers the much-needed relief almost instantly on vaping. Each and every inhale offers you the most relaxing and peaceful mood. If you want to get rid of anxiety, and if you are into a hectic and busy lifestyle, then CBD vaping is the best choice for you. Especially, if you want to quit smoking, then CBD vaping is the best option that can aid you to do so.

CBDChief Refillable Vape Pen Kit is my favorite device when it comes to CBD Vaping. Simply, it offers a neat vaping experience, The cartridges of  CBDChief are the most comfortable ones in the whole industry. You get two cartridges absolutely free, and it is leak proof. 5Ml cartridge is sufficient for a couple of extended sessions. 

Single button control allows you to enjoy vaping on the move without any glitches. Moreover, loading and unloading the cartridges are pretty easy, and its a perfect choice for travel purposes.

External Use

CBD skin care creams and CBD skin care lotions are primarily made for external usage. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be used to treating skin conditions. Skin pain due to inflammation, rashes, and other skin problems can be cured using CBD skin care creams. 

It can be applied on the bare skin just like any other skin care creams. CBD can penetrate through your skin and offer you a healthy and beautiful skin. Since ages, our ancestors were using cannabis plant extracts to treat skin problems. 

Having said that, skin care product manufacturers started focusing more on launching cosmetic products that are infused with CBD. Their sales numbers are also hitting new highs every month due to the growing popularity of CBD in the skin care industry.


No matter how you are consuming CBD, it requires some amount of knowledge on CBD to identify the right dosage for you. Especially, you should consult a vet if you want to use CBD to treat your pets. Likewise, everyone who wants to use CBD for the medicinal purpose should determine the right dosage before using. 

If you are not sure about the dosage, it is better to start off with the least dosage. the amount of CBD intake can be increased if there are no side-effects. Identically, symptoms of your pets should be observed after CBD intake as to see if the dosage seems alright. 

Any unusual or aggressive symptoms has to be attended to, and you should take a vet's help in such case.

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