CBD Dosage Guide: How Much CBD Should You Take?

What’s the ideal CBD dosage? Is one intake method better than another? Can I take too much CBD?

If you’re like the thousands of curious newcomers considering Cannabidiol (CBD) for the first time, you’ve probably asked yourself, and Google, some of these questions.

Since its US legalization in late 2018, CBD’s notoriety has skyrocketed. But it’s still a new, mostly untested drug. The truth is, we still have a lot to learn about this fascinating compound.

Consumers have testified to CBD’s ability to ease a wide range of symptoms. And it turns out that your intake method alters your ideal dose. For example, your dose of an edible will probably differ from your CBD oil dosage.

Below, I’ll look at the three main ways customers enjoy CBD—vapes, oils, and edibles—and explain the optimal dosing regimen for each category.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which method of intake is right for you and how much CBD you should begin with to kick start your journey.

What CBD Offers You

Before we dig into your dosage methods, let’s take a moment to appreciate the full spectrum of CBD benefits over other medicinal options.

First, CBD has shown no evidence of addictive qualities or habitual use. And unlike other compounds, you can’t overdose on CBD.

Even dosages as high as 1000mg, that’s 10 to 20 times the amount the average consumer will ingest, produce no adverse side effects. That’s because CBD doesn’t directly affect your cardiac or respiratory system like other pain medications or recreational drugs, like alcohol.

While there’s no guarantee that CBD can help you with all of these problems, here is a list of the common reasons people turn to CBD:

  • Increased Wellbeing

  • Relieve Anxiety

  • Pain Management

  • Boost Immune System

  • Stabilize Sleep Cycle

Dosages for CBD Vapes, Oils, and Edibles

Truthfully, there’s not enough raw scientific evidence to know exactly how much CBD you must consume for symptom relief or to experience an elevated mood. If two people take the same amount of CBD, they’ll experience individualized effects due to factors like body weight, tolerance, and other medications.

That means most of the onus falls on you—there’s no cookie-cutter dosage chart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t know a few things before beginning that journey. Here are just a few of the

Remember, what we know today may be different in a month or two. That’s what makes CBD such an exciting opportunity in the health and wellness frontier: You contribute to the burgeoning world of cannabinoid science!

CBD Vape Dosages

The best part about vaping CBD is that it has the quickest onset. You should feel the effects of CBD within a minute of vaping. That’s because your lungs act like a sponge; they soak in the CBD metabolites and send them directly into the bloodstream.

Vaping also has the highest bioavailability or percentage of your CBD dosage that makes it to your bloodstream. Yep, not all of your dose actually effects you.  

Although we don’t have exact numbers, preliminary data suggests that vaping CBD has a bioavailability of approximately 65%—that’s nearly double the amount of CBD reaching your bloodstream versus other intake methods.

The downside? Vaping’s main effect lasts the shortest amount of time, anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

Therefore, you should use vaping CBD as a boon for increasing wellbeing and reducing anxiety. The quick onset can also help those that are trying to stop smoking.

To calculate your average dose, you must know two things: how much CBD is in your vape, and how many puffs in your cartridge, pod, or tank.

For example, our vape pods and cartridge pens last about 100-200 puffs. So, if you had 200mg of CBD in your 200-puff cartridge, then you’d consume roughly 1mg of CBD per puff.

Best For: Recreation, Wellbeing, Situational Anxiety

Dosage Recommendation: 1-2 mg per puff; wait 2 minutes between dosages

CBD Oil Dosages

CBD oils and tinctures remain the most popular choice for consuming CBD because the compound is fat-soluble. That means it easily binds to a carrier oil, like MCT.

Not only are oils the most popular item online, but any store that sells shots of CBD in coffee and other beverages is simply adding CBD oil to the drink.

To properly dose with CBD oil, you place a dropper-full under your tongue and hold it there for about 90 seconds. This is called sublingual administration, and it’s been a medicinal intake method for decades.

CBD Oils have an average bioavailability of about 30%. And their onset of action fluctuates between twenty minutes and an hour. The main effect of CBD oils averages one to two hours.

Your average tincture dropper contains about 1ml of liquid. So, if you had a CBD oil with 300 mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle, then you’re ingesting 10mg of CBD per 1ml dropper.

Best For: Beginners, Wellbeing, Immune System, Stress and Depression

Dosage Recommendation: 10-20MG per dropper; 20 minutes between dosages

CBD Edible Dosages

Edible is a term coined by cannabis enthusiasts from the 1960s. They would extract the cannabinoids from marijuana buds into a butter. Then they’d use that butter to bake brownies and cookies.

CBD edibles on the market today are mostly gummies and other candies, but you can find brownies and other treats, too. Ingesting a CBD edible has the longest main effect—upwards of 3 or 4 hours. Conversely, you’ll have to wait for 1 to 2 hours for the edible to kick in.

The slow onset is because of the first pass effect. Your CBD edible must travel through your gut wall and liver before entering your bloodstream, and this takes time. The first pass effect also cuts an edible’s bioavailability down to about 8%.

When dosing with edibles, it’s best to try them on an empty stomach, such as between meals. Eating an edible with food will both delay and dampen CBD’s effects.

Another benefit to edibles is that companies label exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting per edible; you don’t have to rely on napkin math to figure out your dosage. Check your package’s label to find out how much CBD you’re ingesting per piece.

Best For: Pain Management, Immune System, Sleep Stabilization

Dosage Recommendation: 10-30mg per piece; 1 - 2 hours between dosages

Start Low, Then Increase

No matter which method of intake you choose, begin with a smaller dosage than you think you may need. Then, once you’ve waited the recommended time, re-dose if you haven’t achieved your desired level of treatment.

You are a unique person with a unique blend of chemistry and consciousness. There are so many reasons why your experience with CBD will differ from your friends, or those disembodied voices you read online.

There’s evidence that smaller dosages may actually be better than larger dosages, too. This is known as diminishing returns. So, consuming more does not mean you’ll experience more of an effect.

Regardless of your desired outcome, whether its recreation or pain management, you must experiment with your intake method and dosage. You may prefer a 20mg dosage of CBD oil and a 50mg dosage of an edible. It’s impossible to say until you’ve tried them yourself.

And as you travel down the exciting world of CBD, just remember this rule of thumb: start with a low dosage, and then increase. That way, you’ll find the right amount of CBD for you.

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